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Warli Art from India

April 3rd, 2019BlogNo Comments »

Warli Art from India

Warli paintings, created by the Warli tribe of Maharashtra, are also known as “laganchitra“. These were originally created solely on the interior walls of village huts. The colours are almost monochromatic and the process of painting tedious. The process of painting created for occasions such as weddings, are as important as the occasion itself. Only Savasani women (women whose husbands are alive) can make the main portion of the wedding painting, consisting of a chaukat (square) and Mother Goddess Palaghat. The figure Palaghat symbolizes creativity and prosperity and is depicted in various forms surrounded by massive horses. The subject matter of these paintings is mainly the depiction of various marriage rituals. However, some of the paintings also depict activity from their day to day life. The artworks below are all available and are by Amit Dhambhre.

Tusk Gallery has access to all of the above paintings. Just send us an e-mail at for sizes and prices.

Explanation of Warli Art

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