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Tusk Gallery’s mission is to present an eclectic, diverse selection of art through our Online Gallery (which is also a huge catalogue of all the art we have access to). In December 2019 we decided to operate exclusively online. Having said that we are still able to bring artworks to your home if you are in the Melbourne metro area. We are also more than happy to talk to you about any of our artworks.

Tusk Gallery came into being in 2002 when Gary Collier and Georgie Berry set up the first Tusk Gallery in Rathdowne St, Carlton North. Since then Tusk has had Galleries throughout Melbourne in South Yarra, Camberwell, Fitzroy, Kalorama and even in Bangkok. In 2018 we have put all of our energy and attention into our huge double story exhibition space in Melbourne’s outer east (on the way to The Yarra Valley and/or The Dandenong Ranges.

The artists featured in our Online Gallery are from all around Australia and South East Asia, especially Thailand and Indonesia.

I’ve been involved in the art and picture framing industry for well over three decades now. Georgie and I started the current incarnation of Tusk Gallery back in the beginning of the new millennium and have been, through hard work and good relationships been able to build it into a name synonymous with great art and a relaxed environment to view it in. We are both very proud of what we have achieved.


Life is a journey that has been very enjoyable for me mainly because of a “naïve decision” I made when I was about 18 years old to surround myself with art, creativity and beauty. I’m 66 now and have no intention of not continuing to embrace the goal I set way back in 1970. I was lucky enough to have met Georgie almost 23 years ago and she has tolerated and supported me 100% and because of her support and strength we have been able to stay on the path I decided to travel.

Most people go through their working life waiting to get to the end of it and retire. I’m lucky because there is no end to the enjoyment I get out of art and creativity and through the last 4 -5 decades the evolution of technology has allowed me to do all of the things I love with less and less effort …. communication, music, marketing, gathering information and knowledge, photography and many more things.

Having said that we have recently made a decision to take a bit of stress out of our lives and move our “art dealing and exhibiting” activities more towards online exposure and lower rent exhibition spaces plus possibly a few art fairs both in Australia and Abroad.

I opened a picture framing and “art poster” business in Harold St Camberwell in 1986 with very little capital but lots of enthusiasm. Between then and now it has evolved into a successful art gallery that exhibits great art from Australian and South East Asian artists who we have hand-picked over time. It’s been a ball. There have been others along the way in Carlton North, South Yarra, Kalorama and Fitzroy but Camberwell is where we finally settled.

Tusk Gallery

Gary and Georgie Collier

In early 2018 we have moved on from Camberwell and from now on our headquarters will be based in our very large (2 story) but much less expensive showroom and exhibition space at 2/438 Mt Dandenong Rd Kilsyth at the base of the Dandenong Ranges. It’s also on the way to The Yarra Valley so if you are making the trek out to the far east plan it so you can have lunch or just some wine or a coffee in one of these 2 fabulous locations. We plan to stage exhibitions of art we love and slowly but surely create a space that will show a huge diversity of art and styles


Thank you for your support over the past three decades.






There are also Limited Edition prints and Giclee prints available to view online. We have a separate website called Artscope Fine Art Publishing that features our full range of framed and unframed Open Edition and Limited Edition Prints. These are published by Tusk subsidiary, Artscope.

I would also recommend following The Artscope Facebook Page to keep up with the latest print releases.

One very helpful service we offer is “Wedding and Birthday Registries“. Over the past several years we’ve set up registries for couples about to get married and people with “special” birthdays which friends and family can contribute to, enabling the lucky recipient to choose a piece of art that will be special to them for the rest of their lives. To find out more or set one up there’s a button at the top of our Homepage

I’d recommend clicking on the “Artist” link on the Homepage to view our artists.

Another way to find out about new art is to subscribe to our newsletter. It is digital and features the latest news; articles on artists; new arrivals; special offers; and much more.

Here are some links to the Tusk Blog, the Tusk Gallery Facebook Page, Tusk on Pinterest and Tusk on Pictify .

Gary Collier [Tusk Gallery]



Note: Tusk Gallery can arrange for commissioned artworks to be done by our artists, however, we do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges on such pieces. The customer takes full responsibility for their choices and agree to take the artwork which the artist produces.

Gift Certificates and registries are available and can be organised as requested for any occasion. Please note that these can be used across our range of prints and original artwork in addition to custom framing and conservation framing, and cannot be redeemed for cash value.