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Tusk Gallery and the Future

October 1st, 2019BlogNo Comments »

After almost two decades of featuring fabulous art in Galleries around Melbourne, Tusk Gallery is going through a “lifestyle” transition.

Prints on wall simulation


The original impetus for Tusk Gallery started as a dream when I was still a teenager and with the help and creative support of my wife Georgina we have had an amazing adventure since the beginning of the new millennium. It has all been done with a spirit of adventure and discovery, “gut feeling” and risks. We’ve met and worked with hundreds of artists and art buyers along the way and learnt through trial and error. Underlying the evolution of Tusk Gallery has been our desire to support creativity. We believe that creativity is the most valuable asset that mankind possesses. It has all been about art that we ourselves love and rewarding relationships with artists throughout Australia and South East Asia.


Most of you will know us through our galleries in South Yarra and Camberwell, but we have also had Galleries in Carlton North, Kalorama, Brunswick and for a short period in Bangkok.


Our new incarnation will be a bit more immediate and transient insofar as we’ll be doing “Pop Up” Exhibitions in Art Spaces around Melbourne plus Art Fairs both in Australia and Internationally. Our philosophy is that we need to keep evolving and if nothing else, the 21stcentury is all about change.


We’ll also continue to nurture “Tusk Gallery Online” which will feature artworks by selected artists who we have worked with over the years.


For the past 18 months Tusk Gallery has been in Melbourne’s Outer East in a huge space in Mount Dandenong Rd, Kilsyth

Contemporary LandscApe Art

Tusk Gallery Second Floor of gallery

about 15 minutes east of Eastland Shopping Centre. Over the next few months we’ll be slowly winding down the “physical gallery” but at the same time we plan to go out with a series of BANGS.


The first exciting BANG is going to be an exhibition of around 40 incredible pieces by Javanese Silk Artist, John Martono. The artworks range from 50x50cm to huge, spectacular framed works up to three metres wide. You’ll have to see these to believe them.

The exhibition is called “A Journey To Happiness” and will open on Saturday October 12th.

John Martono Art

John Martono Exhibition “The Fleeting Moments of the Joy of Life”


Other artists will also be featured concurrently. These artists will include Nadia Düsselberg, Kitti Narod, Dusit Pimchangthong, Tania Chanter, Damon Kowarsky and other artists that we love.

Nadia Düsselberg Original Art

Nadia Düsselberg “Pushing Up Daisies” Original Art 120×120


As you can well imagine, over 20 years a gallery collects a large body of work. Some of this work will be shown as a retrospective and will ultimately go into storage to appear again during “pop up exhibitions” and art fairs while other pieces will be available at very, reasonable prices …… some up to 50% off the full price of the paintings as we cannot possibly store every piece we currently own.


These artworks will be available to view and purchase at our Gallery until mid December.


As I said, the gallery is huge. We have hundreds of square metres and upstairs is dedicated to our Art Print Publishing business. We need to sell everything by mid December so there will be huge savings on the existing stock of framed prints, some with glass and some framed on canvas. Hundreds of prints from tiny to huge.

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