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July 15th, 2020BlogNo Comments »

Tusk Gallery Print Sale

Last week we did a blog letting you know about our huge sale we are having to reduce the number of pieces we’ve got in storage during the lockdown in Victoria. We did have a few plans that were knocked on the head by  recent government announcements. Anyway, to cut a long story short the sale looks like it’s going to be a success based on the response so far.

We have set up an impromptu webpage on the Tusk Gallery website. The original plans were to create a whole lot of “flash” images in photoshop but just to get the ball rolling I took pictures of some of the stock with my iPhone and put them on the site. I think this may have worked better than the hours of arduous work that I had planned to do in photoshop, so please forgive the poor photography. It seems to be enough to get the message across and customers have been buying lots of pieces.

Believe it or not, we have two 20 foot containers full of prints as well as a 40 foot container as well as a huge storeroom full of original art. We just kept putting off doing anything but my daughter put a rocket under me and insisted that I get the ball rolling with a SALE. Well, it’s started now and will be ongoing until we reduce the huge amount of art and prints that were left over when we closed down our Gallery earlier this year.

Tusk Gallery Print Sale

We still have to photograph hundreds of pieces and get them onto the sale page as well as naming and pricing them ….. so if you come across a piece that doesn’t have a name, size or a price send us a message, there’s an e-mail form on the sale page. I’ll also work out some sort of number system until it’s finished.

Thanks Gary. Yes very excited. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. I’m so excited to have found a John m\Martono stockist so close to home. Once it’s up I’ll send through a pic. It will take pride of place in our entrance wall which has been waiting a long time for the right piece...
Tusk Gallery Sale
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