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Dusit Pimchangthong Oil Paintings

July 27th, 2020BlogNo Comments »

Tusk Gallery Blog

I first met Dusit in January 2007. I was on my way back from a trip to Vietnam with my daughter and I was on the lookout for an artist I had heard about in Bangkok. Amazingly, I found the artist and I also found Dusit. I remember feeling puzzled about how excited I felt, I certainly wasn’t a fan of landscapes but there was something about the energy in his oil paintings that fascinated me. The other thing about his work that made it stand out from me was that at this point in time he had never left Bangkok, so what he was painting was coming from somewhere inside and he just got it so right.

Tusk Gallery Blog

Dusit Pimchangthong was born in Thailand on December 5, 1977. He attended the Soawapha Art College in Bangkok, 1995 and the Rajamangala Institute of Technology Poh Chang Bangkok in 1997. He graduated with a BFA in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Rajamangala Institute ofTechnology, Pathum Thani, in 1999. 

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View paintings by Dusit Pimchangthong that are still available at Tusk Gallery

Soon after our first meeting we started exhibiting Dusit’s paintings at Tusk Gallery in both our South Yarra and Camberwell Galleries. His work created a huge amount of interest and sold very well. Over the next few years he became one of our top selling artists and his work just continued to get better and better.

I was living near Sherbrooke Forest in Sassafras and loved taking photographs that captured the beauty and amazing light and mist that makes the forest glow. I had this idea that the next time I went to Bangkok I would show Dusit some of these photographs and ask him how he felt about having a go at doing some paintings based on the photographs.

The one to the left is of The Yarra Valley from Tarrawarra and the 2 below are Sherbrooke Forest.

A couple of months after I first gave him the photos I returned to Bangkok and had almost forgotten about the project. He showed me about 6 paintings that he had done and the thing that struck me most is how he captured the essence of the Australian landscape which he had never ever even seen with his own eyes!

The next phase was series of paintings of big skies. Once again he’d captured the natural power and energy of nature and expressed it on a canvas.

Dusit went on to produce paintings of Melbourne and also Bangkok street scenes of which we still have a few paintings on offer.

In recent times Dusit has been playing around with portraits.

If you are interested in discussing a portrait contact us at

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