We Need Your Help

Tusk Gallery has been around since the beginning of the 21st Century promoting and selling art by upcoming and established artists from Australia and parts of South East Asia and Indonesia. Our mission has been to do whatever we can to put as much original art in front of the public either on our Gallery walls or online via the extensive social media network we have created.

We sell a lot of art……. Our goal was never to primarily make a lot of money for ourselves , we just wanted to enjoy our lives doing what we loved and hopefully being supportive of the creative achievements of the many artists connected to us.

BUT it costs a lot of money to sell art and stay afloat at the same time. For example, our rent and out goings at our Camberwell Gallery is almost $5000 each and every week, then there are staff wages, utilities, promotion and countless other overheads. All it takes is a few “lean” weeks and things can go awry very quickly.

Over the decades we’ve faced and resolved many financial “Hill Tens (nasty financial situations)” but we’ve always come out smiling.

To be quite honest life would be a lot easier financially for Georgie and I if we didn’t have these overheads. Just not having the constant stress of coming up with the money to pay the basic overheads each week would make our lives a lot more liveable.

BUT Australia needs commercial Art Galleries to support the creative efforts of those who have chosen to take the risk to live the life of an ARTIST. In Melbourne we are lucky to have independent radio stations like RRR who rely essentially on volunteers and one money raiser (Radiothon) a year. I can’t imagine what life would be like without RRR and I hate to think of Melbourne without Art Galleries, especially Tusk Gallery. Just imagine if our government in it’s wisdom had just approved gay marriage and put the $120,000,000 into the arts. WOW!  What a blast that would have been.

Unfortunately, to reach the people who can afford original art you need to be located in a “prestigious” area which is why we have our main gallery in Burke Rd, Camberwell …… where the rents and outgoings are crippling small business!

To keep the boat floating we’ve got a bit of catching up to do. As I said, we sell a lot of art but quite often Georgie and I still need to subsidise the weekly running of the Gallery by not really taking a wage for ourselves as well as putting up our own money when financial burdens become overwhelming and this does happen regularly.

We’d love our landlord and real estate agents to substantially lower the rent but I don’t want to kid myself because this isn’t going to happen without a serious miracle.

So…………. we need your help. You might have ideas, you might be able to contribute small amounts of money like $10 each week ( if we could find 500 people to contribute this much each week we would cover our rent and outgoings ……. you could become a “Tuskan” and be part of an exclusive club that received some sort of benefits (later, I’ve got to think this through) …….. I’m just thinking out aloud for now. You might be considering buying a piece of art, then now is the time, art sales always help. You might even have a great idea for some sort of benefit or fund raiser (or crowd fund raiser).

We really want to keep this thing (Camberwell Gallery) going so shoot any feedback to me at gary@tuskgallery.com.au or you can ring me on 0425 774415. My name is Gary Collier and I’m the director of Tusk Gallery.

If you’ve read this I’d really appreciate you sharing it as I need it to reach as many people as possible. Thank you.

There is a Paypal button at the bottom of this page where you can donate. Keep your eyes open for an idea that I’m working on where you can donate the equivalent of $10 per week BUT you would receive an 85x85cm framed print valued at $500 once we have your donation.

Thanks for your support and thanks for reading this and in anticipation thanks for any help you can flow our way.

Gary Collier

Director : Tusk Gallery