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“Rabbit Hat” by Aranya Khunchawattichai

Price: $4,990 AUD

Medium: oil on canvas

Year: 2011

Size: 119x148cm

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Aranya Khunchawattichai (born May 31st 1978) studied at the Rajchamongkol Institution, Pohchang Faculty, in Thailand where she now lives and works.

Aranya’s works highlight the temperament of a dark state of being. The characters she creates are creatures of her imagination, drawing out the daily emotions of life. So far, there are three series that she has created. Series 1: This series is the relationship between families, their poverty, and consequent sadness. She uses bold colours to add to their sense of mystery and ambiguity. Series 2: She takes children as her characters with a much softer tone than that of series 1. The colours are brighter, but some dark temperament still exists. Series 3: Women’s story series. This series represents her understanding of beauty. For Aranya, all objects have a dual character. Beauty is not always bright and happy; but rather, it also contains a deep sadness. Her use of dolls in this series highlights beauty’s darker persona.


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