“down to the water to pray” an original painting by Kym Barrett

Price: $2,990 AUD

Medium: oil and cold wax on board

Year: 2016

Size: 100 x 100 cm

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I use drawing materials with oils and wax, to create abstract paintings that aim to evoke aspects of the natural world imbued with a sense of depth and mystery … that there’s more there than a surface consolation. There are strong connections between my spiritual practice and my artwork.
My approach is organic, ideally allowing each piece to evolve with a balance of intuition and intention. Nature’s colours, markings and rhythms influence my work on canvas, paper and board both consciously and unconsciously.   The act of gestural mark-making, building up and removing paint, charcoal and crayon over many layers, mimics the way the landscape has developed over time. Traces of previous marks remain as a record of the inevitable process of change.”

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