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bridges over the thames

bridges over the thames

Price: $4,990 AUD

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Year: 2011

Size: 120 x 120 cm

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Framed Acrylic on Canvas. Framed in a 60 mm deep shadow line “gap” frame.

Kitti trained at the Wittayalai Phochan Art College, Bangkok from 1996-1998 and later obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the Rajamonkong Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand in 2000. He has exhibited extensively in Bangkok and internationally, including London, Bath, Edinburgh, Manchester, Dublin, Cork, Montreal and Melbourne, including a solo at Galerie Quartier Libre in Montreal, Canada in 2009 and Singapore in 2012.
Kitti’s work has been exhibited non stop at Tusk Gallery in Melbourne, Australia since 2007. He also visited Melbourne for an exhibition of his paintings at Tusk Gallery in May 2011.
As well as painting Kitti is adept in Sculpture and visual media.
In 2011 Kitti became one of the founders of V64 an artists collective in Bangkok. This was no envious task due to the Thai Government showing little interest in Contemporary Art. V64 continued until April 2014.
Being a contemporary artist in Thailand is somewhat of a challenge. The Thai middle class and even the so called “Hi So’s” don’t take a big liking to Contemporary Art so Kitti and other artists in his circle have had to pursue an international audience which they have done in a very innovative and brilliant way.
“Kitti Style” does exist but he in constantly searching for new inspiration and quite often he will branch out in a new direction.

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