william holt

William Holt

William Holt has a Master of Fine Art in Painting from Monash University and has a broad range of experience in Painting, Sculpture, Installation Art & Photography. Over the last 15 years William has had major solo exhibitions and many group shows here in Melbourne and Sydney.
Experience the distinctive style of acrylic painting that hovers between the energetic abstract plane and the visual tension of the natural world. The sense of space created highlights natures invigorating beauty. Precision, decision and trust are combined to capture an organic representation of wonder.
For William the process and act of painting is a spontaneous and all consuming instinct where sheer joy of art in the moment is sought in order to reach a “decisive” conclusion when composition and content combine. This peak is constantly rediscovered each time climatic conditions are favorable as William’s studio is out in the open air and requires the hot sun to be at it’s zenith. This is when he goes to work absorbed in the intimate and intense pleasure of the artistic experience.

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