tania chanter

Tania Chanter

For Tania Chanter, overthinking is antithesis to her artistic practice. Drawing from the immediate, nature-rich context of her home in Victoria’s Yarra Valley, her gestural brushstrokes reflect an intuitive process that is ruled by emotion. Whether directing her focus on a vase of pink flowers, a choppy moonlit seascape or a sparse, darkened promontory, the layers, textures and colours of Tania’s work bleed onto the page in the same uninterrupted way, lending the final product a cohesive yet idiosyncratic patina.

Tania's Background

Throughout her creative career, she has enjoyed working in a diverse range of roles including 12 years in advertising at The Age newspaper, as a voice-over artist and media presenter and as a director of a Graphic Design company. Tania has enjoyed all these endeavours and while painting began as a creative experiment with her children, she never anticipated falling so completely in love with the expression and freedom it provides. It meets every creative impulse she has and is a source of endless inspiration and satisfaction.

meandering river

Meandering River

Acrylic on Canvas

$2,995 AUD
meandering promotory

Meandering Promotory

Acrylic on Canvas

$1,595 AUD


meandering dozen an original painting by tania chanter

"Meandering Dozen" an original painting by Tania Chanter

Acrylic on Canvas

$2,990 AUD
meandering stream an original painting by tania chanter

"Meandering Stream" an original painting by Tania Chanter

Framed Acrylic on Canvas

$3,250 AUD

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