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nadia dsselberg

Nadia Düsselberg

Nadia Düsselberg is a mixed media contemporary artist, based in Melbourne.
Artistic expression runs deep in the Düsselberg family, as Nadia’s parents are both award winning sculptors.
In 2004 Nadia completed a Bachelor Degree in contemporary arts majoring in screen studies. She began working as a Dresser, Set Decorator and later Art Director on such productions as Underbelly, Offspring and The Dress Maker. Toward the end of a 10-year career in the art departments of Melbourne TV and film, Nadia began to yearn for more independent creative fulfilment.
In early 2015, Nadia started her own ceramics business called ‘Bear and Bone’. This proved a great testing ground of what really sparked Nadia’s passion. It was the creation process itself, rather than the business aspects that really stood out.
In the winter of 2016, Nadia rented a studio space in Surrey Hills, Melbourne.
From ceramics Nadia moved into painting and drawing. Initially concentrating on portrait studies, interested by the story the face could tell through the eyes and expression. As her work progressed, Nadia became less inspired by the external and more influenced by her own internal world. She began to use art as a way of exploring the self. Each artwork allowed her to understand herself better. Less aware of outside influence, her style became less inhibited and out emerged a style and energy all if its own.
Nadia’s work is rarely conceptualised before creating; rather it has a more organic, intuitive approach. Each piece is conceived from moment to moment, driven by joy, led by the heart. She forces the audience to reconsider their engagement towards art, offering a ‘felt’ experience, not just a visual feast. She intentionally uses feeling and energy to create, so you can’t help but experience the works in this way; making the artwork a multisensory experience.


bitch be blue an original painting by nadia dsselberg

"Bitch Be Blue" an original painting by Nadia Düsselberg

Acrylic on Canvas, Framed in a Natural Oak Gap Frame

$3,500 AUD
pushing up daisies an original painting by nadia dsselberg

"Pushing Up Daisies" an original painting by Nadia Düsselberg

Acrylic on Canvas, Framed in a Natural Oak Gap Frame

$3,990 AUD

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