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elham sagharchi

Elham Sagharchi

Eli grew up in an artistic family, surrounded by arts and crafts. Her father was her inspiration. He patiently taught Eli and encouraged her to do what brought her joy. He was her one and true inspiration.
Her dad owned an art and craft shop in Tehran and Eli always found comfort and joy being at the shop with him. This passion led her to art school and university. She completed a Degree in Graphic design at Shariati University in Tehran, Iran. Graduating top of the class and continuing her career as an artist and art teacher. Eli has exhibited her artworks in the National Art Gallery in Iran, Seyhoon Art Gallery and Atashgah Gallery.
Her greatest desire was to become an artist to create her own masterpieces.
She has been painting for 25 years. Her paintings are varied and ever evolving, and she paints from her soul.

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